Copy of Who We Are

It all started with Three words… Comfort.Style.Relaxation. Three brand pillars that we will always stand by. 

 Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide timeless, quality clothing that helps our community look and feel good. 


We are here to serve, educate, and provide our community with resources to bring their fashion desires to life. We just so happen to do it in a very stylish, beach boy way. We now offer manufacturing services for individuals and businesses, wholesale and custom made items, learn more here Three Scooops Manufacturing.

Three Scooops started as a college entrepreneurship project where we were assigned to create our own business. After a year of work and research, Three Scooops was born, without a fashion background, just hunger and an eagerness to learn about the fashion industry. 


As much as we love creating clothes, we love to educate and share our experiences even more. We work with 3 non-profits whose causes we are very passionate about. Our #1 goal is building a free 4-week sewing course for local high school and college students. This includes real life experiences like learning to sew, learning about fabrics, the fashion industry, and business and financial education. Profits from our collections go toward our non-profit program Sew & Grow. 

Out of the $3 billion our community spends on fashion each year… how much are these corporations and big brands investing in our communities? We are the driving force of their brands visually and financially. It’s time for a change, don’t talk about it, be about it! 

If you have any resources, ideas, or would like to volunteer, reach out to


Non-Profits We're Invested In

Street United:


Street United is a black-owned non-profit that has created a soccer community providing pick-up games, training camps, and events for our futbol lovers. If you ball, you know the struggle to find consistent competitive pick-up games that are fun and free flowing. As an ex-athlete I would have loved more opportunities growing up to kick about with others that share the same passion. Learn more and support here.


Young Investors Group:


Young Investors Group is a social entrepreneurship group that helps at-risk black male teens develop a positive environment while teaching life skills, emotional intelligence, and financial and business management. Their annual Virginia Beard Festival event raises funds and awareness to help the youth experience a healthier environment. We always look forward to their fashion showcase events! Learn more and support here


High School Fashion Programs: 


Over the past 5 years we have worked with high school fashion programs via DECA in the Hampton Roads area. These are enriching experiences for the students and ourselves and creates a comfortable, open dialogue to discuss our creative aspirations in the fashion industry and beyond. We have worked on events, hired interns, and uplifted the confidence of students throughout our presentations. As a member of DECA in high school, it helped to mold our business mind and we want to give back an even better experience than we had!