What age is too old for Fun?

What age is too old for Fun?


Thanks for coming to Beach Time!

     We def have some exciting things to talk about. We would like to start off by saying that we are very appreciative for all of our customers and followers. This is truly a dream with the idea to create more flossy and comfortable clothing while incorporating our community. Lets bring artist from all genres together and challenge our minds to learn something new.

As we get older "adulting" is not as fun as we thought it was a kid. Don't get me wrong we are absolutely thrilled with our lives and would not change it for anything! But we all have our everyday challenges and time doesn't stop for anyone. It is so easy to get lost in "life" before you realize you never stopped to take time for yourself. And we know right about now everyone is saying but bro life is so hectic with work, family, kids, etc. And we completely agree with you all but take a second and think about all that you do...

    We exhaust ourselves at all cost but fail to realize that if we are not healthy (mentally & physically) we are not operable. Then we are of no use to any one including our families. So we are not saying we need to go on a lavish vacation once a month (although that would be nice) but we are challenging you to find your "me time". Rather that be the exercising, going to a new event, hobbies, or even something as small as listening to your favorite song while having your favorite snack once a day.

With each mental break you'll begin to put together a plan for more happiness. We do apologize for this blog being lengthy, but some times we get so busy and forget about numero uno. For us it was writing this blog post. We have been saying for months that we want an awesome Three Scooops blog and let the people in on our world. It is easy to get lost in the sauce but always remember you make the sauce... so make the flavor you like. Thank you for chillin with us during Beach Time!

Below, we have left a nice gift for our readers! We hope you all have a great day and remember to smile.


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