We from the Souf

We from the Souf

What's good y'all?

Keepin' it real about who we are and where we're from. We are country folks from the souf living on the coast. The best part is that we have lived from Florida to New Jersey, exposing us to all types of styles & cultures. The places that we call home are Virginia Beach/ATL. Growing up on neckbones, sweet tea (y'all can have that sweet n low unsweet ish), and sweet potato pie. A lot of people may say thats a high blood pressure and diabetes disaster...we like to call it hospitality and deliciousness. 

As heavy hip-hop fans it's odd to hear "rap" is the number one genre in the world right now. Growing up we already thought hip-hop and r&b were the number one genres because thats all we knew. "Mainstream" style and culture didn't speak to our day-to-day lives. We didn't even realize it was considered underground, we thought everyone listened to Three Six Mafia, No Limit, "Crunk Music" or wore Polo, Girbauds, and Reeboks. As we moved further north styles transitioned to music like Clipse, Ruff Ryders, and Go-Go or you wore "DC's" (air force ones) and Bape. Hence, where our mixture of preppy streetwear comes from. 

Back then everyone gave 100% and if you tried to cheat the system you'd be labeled as inauthentic or fake. Nowadays it seems like the more fake someone is the more authentic. Accountability is lost and everyone is an expert without experience. As a creative (once again, we label "creatives" as one willing to take time to perfect their craft) not fitting in at times can feel like you're an outKast and unheard.

As we learn and grow, we have come to see that being an "outkast" has  allowed us to maintain our focus. So you may not know the newest music, be part of the most recent fad, or be at all the poppin' parties. You have something that others  may lack...and that is focus! Being true to yourself is the direction that leads to accomplishing your wildest dreams. Don't lose focus of who you are to become what they like. We are not saying to shelter yourself and not learn or adapt, but we all get that gut feeling when the BS hits our nose. So in the wise words of Gucci Mane, "if you buy a brick and it don't sell quick, don't quit n*gga don't get discouraged."

Next blog we will introduce Scooops Mafia! What is Scooops Mafia!? Tune in next Thursday for the news!

Til next time.

-The Scooops Mafia


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