Trying Something New

Trying Something New

We hope the past couple weeks have been treating you well. It seems like there is a life-changing event everyday these days. Things are moving so quickly, we’re like “Damn, we’re already in mid-August??” But fr fr we have to stay alert and make sure we are safe everyday!

One thing that you may be wondering is, “How do I make decisions with such an unclear tomorrow?” I'm sure it just isn't us, but our entire plan for 2020 has gone into the trash. All of the planning, time, and funds seem like it was for nothing. Like what was thepoint?!

But one positive that we’ve been able to get out of this mess is the opportunity to improve at our own personal goals. Don't lose your focus! Hone in on what you’ve wanted to accomplish and how to get there in a new way. Maybe you play ball and your season has been delayed, get in that extra fitness. Or your vacation has been cancelled and you know your car needs that tune up you've been putting off. The idea is to start creating and collecting your own wins. Nobody has to know, its all about what makes you feel good. And when things get back to normal (new normal) you’re in better shape than ever! 

Recently, we just stepped out onto the plank more ourselves – wide-eyed, so much uncertainty but it feels like its time. As of this week, we will be participating in the Agenda Fashion Streetwear Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada August 2021! Agenda is the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world. When first starting out, it literally seemed like an impossible task to attend and actually benefit from it. Now it’s preseason and we are preparing for the home opener. For obvious reasons we chose the later date in 2021 with hopes our public health & safety situation has improved! 

If you haven't seen "The Last Dance", Michael Jordan's documentary on ESPN, it's def worth the watch. Even if you're not a fan or don't agree with his will to win, the persistence and dedication that he demonstrates will show you the pattern for success in good or bad times. 

As always, stay comfy and stay safe out here. Find what you want and don't be afraid to step into it.

- Three Scooops

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