Three Scooops Clothing Tip #9

Three Scooops Clothing Tip #9

Welcome back to the 9th week of Three Scooops Clothing Tips! We only have 1 more week left! You probably have a soft spot for wine. If not, you def have a friend that loves it. You can use wine for just about any social occasion or at home chillin. As delicious as wine can be, it comes with a price... STAINS. And trust us there is always one. That one person who spills before the night is over. Then everyone is contemplating on how we gonna get this shit up. 

Well, we have done our research and will list the best way to remove wine stains from your garments, quick & easy, with household products!


-White vinegar

-Liquid laundry detergent

-Hot water

Step #1: Cover the stains w/ white vinegar

Step #2: Immediately rug in liquid laundry detergent 

Step #3: Launder in hot water* (see notes)

Be sure to read your garments care label! This will help clarify what water temperature your garment can withstand. Hot water helps dissolve stains quickly but may fade or discolor garments if too hot. The care label will let you know what works best!

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