Three Scooops Clothing Tip #8

Three Scooops Clothing Tip #8

What's good y'all?

Welcome to the 8th #3SCTip! Today will be nice and short. Soo did anyone else get the heads up that adulting was going to be so real? Every morning we wake up put on our brave face and head out to make a living. And no matter what happens, the world never stops. Your clothes are facing the same battle but instead of co-workers and bills, it is against stains! An unexpected stain can make your plans go left and put you in scramble mode... especially oil stains. We've done our research and are happy to share the best tips to remove that oil stain. This remedy is for oil stains that have already dried into the fabric! Here are the steps below:

Supply List:

  • Baking soda
  • Old toothbrush
  • Dish soap

Step #1: Pour dish soap on the oil stain, gently rub it in with fingers

Step #2: Cover dish soap with baking soda

Step #3: Let baking soda sit for 30-60 minutes, then circularly scrub stain with a toothbrush

Step #4: Pour dish soap on stain and work it in with your fingers, add to washing machine

Step #5: Wash in hot water (check care label first) and let it air dry

You may be hesitant to wash in hot water (as you should)! Most garments, especially colored ones are washed in cold water. In this case, the hot water not only helps to activate your detergent (and is more effective at thoroughly dissolving powdered detergent), but also works to sanitize your clothing, making it look and feel clean and fresh.

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Til next time.

-Three Scooops 

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