Three Scooops Clothing Tip #7

Three Scooops Clothing Tip #7

What's good y'all?

Welcome to the 7th #3SCTip! Have you ever had ideas that may sound bizarre but if people took the time to listen it'd make perfect sense? Thats what today's blog post and clothing tip is about. We are always running into problems either in business or personal life. Each time it happens we think, "damn, what if this could be done differently..". And then we go about our day and leave the idea behind. We have been experiencing this ourselves lately. We want to continue to make quality comfortable garments that put an ear to ear smile on our customer's face. 

As we are studying the game and learning more on our craft, we eventually have to experiment to make fresher and better merch. The fear of the unknown can be a soul crusher, esp when all the what ifs start poppin up... what if it doesn't work? what if I lose money? What if no one cares? and so on and so on.. But you get to make the next choice. Are you going to take the leap of faith? Of course you are! We aren't saying make half ass decisions off pure emotion, definitely do your due diligence. But if the water is feeling right, don't be afraid to test it. For reassurance, start accomplishing small task while building up to your main goal. 

This brings us into our clothing tip! It'd be great to keep clothes feeling comfortable longer and save money. We have a couple ways this can be possible.  Fabric softener (fs) and liquid laundry detergent (lld) each have their pros and cons. Unfortunately, one of their cons is they start to desensitize the fibers in our fabrics. Which make garments less absorbent and colorful. Hence those rough towels from college in your hall closet. Below, are some ways you can keep clothes feeling soft and fresh for longer: (do not use tips together)

Tip #1. Use 1/2 cup of suggest lld & other half baking soda

  • baking soda is a catalyst to lld and gives a healthier wash
  • will soften garments
  • money saved on detergent!

Tip #2. Use 1/2 - 3 cups of hair conditioner (any hair conditioner works, yes even dollar store conditioner

  • hair conditioner breaks down soap build up on the fibers in the fabric

Tip #3. Use 1/3 cup of vinegar

  • vinegar helps eliminate soap build up and keeps colors from fading
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