Three Scooops Clothing Tip #6

Three Scooops Clothing Tip #6

What's good y'all?

Welcome back to the 6th #3SCTip! We are excited to share today's new tip and blog topic. Have you realized that there are only 11.5 weeks left in 2019?? Crazy right, it seems like everything is closing together and there isn't enough time to accomplish all of our thoughts and goals that are running around in our heads. If this isn't your case, please comment your secret sauce below!

It's funny how things transition from idea, to suppressed idea, to maybe this isn't a dumb idea, to ight lets see how this goes. And as you start to finalize the idea, 7 more ideas pop up along with 21 questions. Now instead of being active, you find yourself scrolling on instagram looking at what everyone else is doing. Yeah we def get stuck in the vortex as well.

That time we spend questioning our ability between idea and ight, is the period we can change and take control. It starts with creating a plan and being discipline with ourselves (easier said than done). Instead of focusing on all the reasons why our ideas won't work (once you start the list can go on forever) lets focus on what can be done. And that little voice in our head that says this is a waste of time...remember they don't know either. You don't have to change your world in 1 day but small steps each day is progress. And self-determination is one of the most under valued confidence traits. 

It may be uncomfortable but remember that feeling is in unison with growth. Even if we fail, at least we now know more about what to expect and how to better prepare for next time! This brings us to our blog topic on why not to use wire hangers!! Similar to ignoring our true internal desires for happiness, wire hangers fill our closets with the same mind set. You wake up, go through your morning routine, open your closet to get dressed and see bent out of shaped hangers and droopy clothes... not the best good morning. Wire hangers are terrible for our clothes. Though convenient and inexpensive, is it worth ruining our favorite garments? Leaving our clothes on wire hangers can cause:

Tip #1. Awkward stretch marks on garments

Tip #2. Gives garments slouchy and unnatural fit

  • aka shoulder nipples 
  • wrinkles 

Tip #3. Rust can transfer from the hanger to your garment

  • this is very difficult and sometimes impossible to get out!

Why pay all that money just to let it go to waste?? The last thing you want to do is walk with your head down and shoulders slumped. Be proud of the person in the mirror. A healthy garment can be a catalyst to starting the day of right! Treat yourself and clothing with respect and goodness will soon begin to show up with consistency!

As always, if you have any questions or items you would like to us to review, comment below. Remember, we do not require email sign ups or subscriptions for access to our tips. If you want to stay up-to-date and receive offers, announcements, and content then of course we would appreciate the support by signing up.

Til next time.

-Three Scooops 

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