Three Scooops Clothing Tip #2

Three Scooops Clothing Tip #2

Welcome Back!

We hope you enjoyed week #1 of 3SCT! This week we want to continue with more tips to clean your snapbacks and dad hats. We understand that for some putting your hat in the dishwasher is an "ehh sketch" idea, so we decided to find another way!

The dishwasher method worked great, but now we have to get into the post-wash treatment. Once you've taken your hats out of the dishwasher you may notice white buildup on the hat, so did we! The buildup you see is caused by salt stains from sweat. To remove, use a fabric stain remover, such as Zout, or dab the white area with white vinegar. We're going to dab ours with white vinegar, only because it's available in our home. 

The best method of the 2 is hand washing. It may sound like more work but it's not! We believe it puts more of the quality control in your hands and takes the same amount of time. We have listed the steps below!

Step #1: Create a body of water to submerge your hat in. Use warm water (not hot) and add 1 tablespoon of liquid laundry detergent.

Step #2: Submerge hat and give it a few swirls to help the detergent penetrate the fibers. Let it soak from 2-4 hours. 

Step #3: Drain the water and rinse cap well with cold water. Gently, reshape hat (if needed) and allow it to air dry. 

Step #4: Once dry, if you have white buildup from salt due to sweat, dab white vinegar along the stained area until removed. 

We hope you've enjoyed our second Three Scooops Clothing Tip! If you have any questions or items you would like to us to review, comment below. Remember, we do not require email sign ups or subscriptions for access to our tips. If you want to stay up-to-date and receive offers, announcements, and content then of course we would appreciate the support by signing up.

Til next time.

-Three Scooops 

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