Three Scooops Clothing Tip #1

Three Scooops Clothing Tip #1

Whats goodie?

Do you have a favorite hat? Has it ever been attacked by a stain or smell? Yeah us too.. For our first Three Scooops Clothing Tip we're going to explore a couple of different ways to clean a hat. Keep in mind this is for a dad hat, trucker, or snapback. If you have a different style hat leave us a comment and we'll figure that out too!

So we have an everyday hat for our job, (we out here hustling too) a fitted trucker snap back with the company logo. First, the company used an iron on patch and after a year or so it started to come off. That was easier to fix because we have been diving into sewing. If you don't want to sew, stop by your local seamstress and they can hook you up for the low.

Next we had a fish fry while wearing the hat. Big mistake, the hat and all of our clothes reeked of white perch (it was delicious btw). So now we are on the hunt for how do we clean this hat without ruining it. So far we have two ways; you can use a dishwasher or laundry detergent. Due to only having laundry pods we are trying the dishwasher method first. Be mindful of the fabric your hat is made of! Leathers, velvet, wool, etc will need a different type of wash (read your care labels)!

Step #1: Make sure your dishwasher is clean. You do not want old food to mix with your hats. Place your hats on the top rack! Hats on the bottom rack may be damaged by heat. 

Step #2: You can add a few dishes on the bottom rack. Be sure that those dishes are not greasy or caked with food. 

Step #3: Add dish pod or detergent and set a normal washing cycle. Once complete, let out the upper rack and let the hats air dry!

We hope you have enjoyed our first Three Scooops Clothing Tip. If you have any questions or items you would like to be reviewed comment below! As stated in our previous blog, we do not require email sign ups or subscriptions for access to the information. If you want to stay up to date and receive offers, announcements, and content then of course we would appreciate the support by signing up.

Til next time.

-The Scooops Mafia

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