T.V. Debut

T.V. Debut

What's good ya'll?

We hope the past couple of weeks have been treating you well. Last week was a bit random for us but firrreeeee. We got to have an interview with Wavy 10 news anchor Regina Mobley about Pharrell's Black Ambition Prize (BAP). BAP is a non-profit organization that has set prizes to fund bold ideas and companies led by black and latinx entrepreneurs. You maybe wondering how did we get this opportunity...?

Aight so boom, this is how it went down:

There I am enjoying my morning trio (read, stretch, exercise) and I get a call from Mrs. Mobley (her phone voice was amazing btw, I for sure thought it was an auto-recording at first). She goes on to say how she frequents one of the locations that Three Scooops is in and has been admiring our work. Luckily we were on the phone because I started cheesin mad hard. 

So we set the time for 11am the same morning to meet. Again, pure luck, at 12:30pm that day I was having a zoom lecture with Landstown High School Fashion Marketing students so I already had built a cool display to show off the merch. (the photo on the blog art) 

I wasn't too familiar with BAP so I quickly did my research. And I definitely didn't know Pharrell and I would be on the same segment. But all in all it was a great experience. There is a lot more work to get done! Although the deadline isn't until February, we've already submitted our application so we'll be keeping our fingers crossed! 

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We have added the news clip above if you have a couple of minutes to check it out. As always, we appreciate your time! Stay Comfy and safe out here!

-Three Scooops

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