Magic School Bus ain’t got ishh on US! 21+

Magic School Bus ain’t got ishh on US! 21+


Do you ever feel like everything in your area is the same? Same people, same events, and nothing is ever really that
different and fun? Yeah, we thought so! This is why Everything is Strategic, Foodology 1202, and Three Scooops Clothing
are bring something fresh and new to the area! We would like to invite you all
on the Bus It Open Party Bus! How lit does an adult version of the Magic School Bus sound??!

It's a party that you def do not want to miss. Especialllly, after a long drawn out work week. Don't miss your chance
to eat, drink, and win Free Three Scooops Prizes! That's right FREE! All we ask is that you come get lit with us on the Party Bus
& Day Party! Drinks and Food will be catered by the finest chef's in the 757, Foodology! We have 3 dope prizes that we will raffle
off thru out the night. Be sure to collect your raffle ticket to become a contestant.

Bus it Open is the first of it's kind with many more to come! The 757 needs a new vibe, so lets start spring with a banger! For the
rest of the details visit Thanks for tuning into another episode of Beach Times. This Saturday lets leave
our 9-5 on the self and just enjoy ourselves!
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