Protect your peace 🙏🏾 – Three Scooops Clothing

Protect your peace 🙏🏾

What’s good ya’ll?
Today’s blog we are going to keep real short and simple. 
Some people want what's best for you but only when they can control the narrative. If you are doing the right things & truly giving your best effort, you have nothing to apologize or be ashamed of (unless you're being an ahole, which we can all do from time to time).
The real ones will know and understand that improvement takes dedication & improvement doesn't happen in a day. Continue to follow the process and be grateful to those who support your vision.
Never be afraid to speak up for yourself and check their vibe at the door, let them know you ain't got time for all that. As always Stay Comfy and be safe out here.
-Three Scooops 

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