Keep Moving Forward!

Keep Moving Forward!

What's Hanninen?

We appreciate y'all coming to kick it with us on today's Beach Times. We promise to keep it interesting and relatable! Do you ever think about your past? And what experiences have shaped you to the person you are today? For many of us we are just now learning we have past. When you think about it, we have only been adults for a short period of time. Meaning, we are trying to understand our future vs our traditions. Our future is the end goal that we imagine but the real question is do you see the process? Our traditions have helped us plant a foundation and guide us to adulthood. But... we leave something very important out of the mix. And that is our customs! Customs are much different and usually overlooked. They are what we are exposed to on the daily, and has a strong influence on the path we take. 

Many of us have confused our customs with traditions. Many of us have been exposed to very few ideologies, some of us many. Traditions help mold our values & beliefs. Customs are treated like a passive friend. Sometimes we forget customs can always change and we hold the POWER. We are not saying to quit our job and go ham on your boss. (Although, that may seem like a liberating solution) But we are asking you to challenge yourself. Maybe you want more me or family time, better health, education, or financial literacy. The list can go on and on. All we can control is our actions to get us to our personal paradise! The ability to challenge our mind is freedom within itself. What do you want to accomplish that requires you to learn something new?

Don't be afraid to say what you want with conviction, especially to yourself. Just be sure that you are putting in the effort to achieve your goal. This will be a lot of hard work and uncomfortable but that screams personal growth. Who doesn't want a better me? One of our goals is to bring you the most comfort and style to your everyday life. Feeling comfortable is more than clothing but a state of mind. Before, you leave the house you have to get dressed. Our job is to make sure you start the day off with confidence while feeling & looking good!

Thank you again for checking into the Beach Times with us. Remember, you can, You Can, YOU CAN!. We all walk with fear & excitement but who will you allow to take the first step? Share with us your thoughts below, we'd love to hear!

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