It Ain’t Easy

It Ain’t Easy

What’s good?


A lot of the times we ask ourselves is it good enough? Will it be respected? But the real question is, who cares? Do what we think is right and we can’t do wrong. As long as we learn we can never take a loss. We know life hits & constantly gives us challenges to overcome. But does time ever stop? If we continue to wait & wait eventually time will come to an end. And trust, this is a different way of thinking and not everyone will follow. Comfort is a zone that kills many dreams, motivation, and inspiration. Sometimes we forget that our strongest possession is our mind. The more you feed it healthy positive information the better it becomes. Although we are from VA…yes we do need practice! It takes a lot of discipline to identify our situation & create a plan to do better but that doesn’t mean its impossible. Much of growth is FREE. We choose to procrastinate. We choose our friends, we choose to buy groceries or eat out everyday, we choose what we follow on social media, we choose if we want to watch netflix or read a book. Now the tough part is choosing what to do with our options.


New jobs and a raise won’t always fix all of our problems because that is a temporary relief. (Yes, of course make all the money you can!!!!) But it is the daily/weekly habits that determine our future. Don’t overestimate or be afraid to start at step number 1. We all have to start somewhere. If we are worried about having the latest & greatest or fomo on the big event, this article probably isn’tmuch. Latest & greatest or the big event don’t pay the bills or give us true peace of mind. If anything they may take away from your end goal. We have to think of what we have and how we can make it work for us. When making everyday purchasing decisions we ask,”does this purchase have a return on investment or will these dollars be lost in the wind?”


We wrote this piece from the heart. Many times in the community the discussion of finances are left silent. That silence increases the of lack of education which deprives us from generating wealth into our communities to becoming self efficent. We would love your feedback! We just believe in growth & learning always pay off.

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