Is 2019 moving too fast??

Is 2019 moving too fast??

Hi Y'all,

It's been a minute since we've last posted a blog, thank you all for coming back to chat with us. This will not be a long post because we plan to blog once a week every Thursday in April. We are excited to announce that we will be selling Something in Three Water merchandise. For those that don't know, Something in the Water is Pharrell's first festival and it's located in Virginia Beach, VA April 26-28. They are not allowing vendors but that's not going to stop us from releasing fire merch to our customers! The 757 will be packed esp with performances by Missy, Push, Travis Scott and like 15 other artist! Stay tuned for the wave. We don't really have a transition into our next topic but as life teaches sometimes shit gets real.

2019 has been an interesting year to only be 4 months in. Personally, we have had our highs and lows but the lows always seem to touch the heart much more than the highs. Recently, we lost a family member that we thought we would have more time with, he was only 30. I remember thinking, "I'll be home this summer and we will link up". Now it's like, damn. Also, the community has lost a true leader this week, Nipsey Hussle. He was a great community leader, artist, and businessman, who was killed at 33. We have to love our loved ones to the fullest, believe & support one another so we can move forward in a positive direction. We accomplish more when we work together. We have to be the catalyst that sparks change, innovation, and growth. Play your part and lend a hand, we are all in this together!

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