Introduction to Scooops Mafia

Introduction to Scooops Mafia


Hello new world,

Have you ever said to yourself, "I'm going to start making x,y,z.. a habit tomorrow or next week? You do all the research, buy the starter kit, and next week comes but it's  filled with doubt and procrastination. We are def guilty of those actions. We have been thinking of ways to better serve and connect with our community. What we see is that everyone always wants something. It's sign up to receive this or what's your email to get that. The "game" is oversaturated and we feel the need to go left. 

We are introducing Scooops Mafia! The Mafia are us creatives in a particular field controlling our craft. We are building a community around sharing ideas, innovations, styles, clothing tips, new releases, and promotions all for free! No sign ups, emails, or subscriptions needed. We understand you're all busy and have tons of shit going moves fast. The last thing you want on your free time is to scroll thru an abused inbox from Spammy McDiscount. This will all be done simple, and for free, via our blog.

Our blog is a live action creative thought hub. We label "creatives" as one willing to take time to perfect their craft. We all have goals & usually the finish line is a super curvy road without a guaranteed destination. We are sharing our business thoughts/questions, with the hope that as creatives we can chat about our processes and learn what all is out there. As we go thru this journey of entrepreneurism, transparency is how we are building our relationships.

Three Scooops Clothing Tips is our way to help keep your favorite items wearable. We will dive into all the tricks & trades to see what really works and can be of use. We will be consistently updating information and tackling the tough question of "can this item be saved"? Along with that, we will no longer require emails to access information. It will be located at the end of our most recent blog post (whether you read it or not). Just offering what we've learned that can make life easier. 

If you want to stay up-to-date and receive offers, announcements, and content then of course we would appreciate the support by signing up.

Welcome to Scooops Mafia

Til next time.

-The Scooops Mafia

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