Fall Hasn't Started

Fall Hasn't Started

What's good ya'll?

How do you handle your emotions when the world comes crashing down on your plans? It's like you've worked every day for something and then the BS starts rolling in. Random last minutes fees, cancellations, and maybe the worst words to hear from your supplier, "out of stock"! Not including the time that is needed for last minute tweaks. We def understand you just want everything to go by smoothly and perfectly but for most of us that never happens.

This is where we get to make a choice. Do we sulk and harp on all the things that went wrong or could've been done differently? In a sense yes, recaps are needed. But moving forward is what sets the tone. It sucks when your vision doesn't pan out exactly as you pictured it. What we get to decide is how we make the next version better. Now you are more experienced in the game knowing what can be done differently to help complete your vision. 

There is nothing wrong with having to shake plan A and creating a plan B on the spot. You may not like it but you know what needs to be done. That feeling of discomfort is going to open a door for you, just keep knocking. Yes, your crazy idea is going to work! And learning, consistency, and growth are going to help you get there. As Jeezy once said, "you gotta believe, you gotta believe"!

Til next time.

-The Scooops Mafia

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