But "what if" ?

But "what if" ?

What's good ya'll?

We don't know if this goes for all of us but not everything always goes right. Asking ourselves, "What if this happens?”, happens more than you'd think. But that is when research, resilience, and experience comes in.

We've all been there before, back against the wall, not many options, but you have to make a play. And from there we know what to do. We go back to step number one and follow the process with no short cuts. Usually, doing the job correctly is time consuming and requires hella focus but the results are always worth it! Are you familiar with asking yourself similar questions?

"What if" I ask for a raise... and they say no?

"What if" I start are side project/business... but it fails and loses money?

"What if" I learned how to manage my finances... but I can't even save a dub?

"What if" I throw an event... but nobody comes?

All of these statements have two things in common... hope and doubt. Our spirits light up when those new ideas pop up. But then we get that twinge of doubt that creeps in and preys on our fears.

Don't be afraid to research your interests! You spend time doing/talking about everything and everybody else. It's not selfish if you carve out time to answer your own questions. If you don't who will? So watch YouTube, read, visit the library, reach out to an expert, do what you gotta do to give yourself an advantage.

This is where your resilience kicks in. We are just going to be blunt but a lot of those "what if" statements can and will probably happen in some shape or form. But give yourself a break, more than likely you've never tried this before so how do you expect it to be flawless? We are not saying half-ass it because then you'll def be frustrated. But give 300% upfront and then learn what you can do to make it better and try again.

Now that you have the experience, everything usually gets better, unless you don't want to learn from your mistakes. Take the time to look at what worked and what did not work, tasks you enjoyed and tasks you want to delegate to others, then use your resources! And yes, your most basic resources are sometimes
the best. 

So we get it, you don't want to try something and it not work because now everything feels like a waste of time. We have those exact same feelings. Below, we’ve even added our "Summer 20 Product Failures". Not all of our ideas make it to production. Can't even lie, the manufacturing learning curve has been a very steep climb. But with each garment we learn how to do it better and better until we have what we want.

-Three Scooops

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