Three Scooops Pineapple Travel Pouch
Three Scooops Clothing

Three Scooops Pineapple Travel Pouch

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Tired of misplacing your items? Liquids spilling and ruining your belongings? Trusting your toothbrush in a random compartment in your backpack? We have the answers for all, introducing our carrying case! Made for multipurpose use it can helpful as a toiletry bag, make up, or utensil case (art supplies) and more. #StayComfy

Three Scooops Clothing Tips:
-Height 5.75in
-Width 8.75in

Outside Fabric- 100% Outdoor Canvas (this fabric ensures durability in diverse weather conditions)

Inside Fabric- 100% Nylon (this fabric helps keep the inside clean with the use of a lysol wipe)